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Let KDEE DESIGNS market your small business with our email and social media online marketing service in Ayr, Queensland.

At KDEE DESIGNS, we will get your small business noticed with an effective email and social media online marketing service at an affordable price. We will create your email marketing campaigns using MailChimp and get your business set up on Facebook, Instagram, Google and more. We can even create your social media posts for you to help you save that precious thing ... time.

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We Use MailChimp to Send Out Your Email Campaigns!

At KDEE DESIGNS, we know just how daunting and time-consuming marketing can be so we offer an email and social media online marketing service. We are always looking for ways to help save our clients money. MailChimp offers a free plan which allows you to send out 10,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers - FOR FREE. You can’t get better than that and they are rated as one of the best email marketing service providers out there.

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Email Marketing is a Cost-Effective Marketing Strategy!

Using email newsletters as part of your digital marketing strategy is straightforward and inexpensive. KDEE DESIGNS makes email newsletters easy and we track how your marketing campaign performs. Utilising MailChimp's Free Plan makes it a very inexpensive way to advertise your business with updates about your company, products and services, special offers and upcoming events. Email marketing is a perfect marketing tool for small businesses.

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Email Marketing is Still Relevant & Rules the Roost!

Social media advertising is ever increasing but email marketing is still highly relevant for small businesses. Both forms of marketing have their weaknesses and their strengths. Email marketing tends to have a higher view rate whereas social media has a higher engagement rate. Email messages also have a wider range of design and content possibilities than social media posts, KDEE DESIGNS takes advantage of this by creating well designed and engaging email messages.

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Email Marketing Works Well with Social Media Marketing!

Should you just use email marketing or just concentrate on social media marketing? Well, you should use both as the two go hand-in-hand. We add ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons to your marketing newsletters so that you have an additional avenue for your customers to connect to your brand. We also encourage your 'friends' to subscribe to your email newsletters and to drive traffic to your website where you can convert visitors to subscribers for your emails via your social media pages.

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Our Social Media Marketing Service for Small Businesses!

These days, your potential customers are already on social media so let KDEE DESIGNS help you utilise this. It is a great marketing tool that can bring great success to your small business by speaking to your audience through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest. You need to keep your audience engaged but posting hourly, daily or weekly can be very time-consuming. That is where KDEE DESIGNS comes in. We will do the planning and posting for you.

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We Set You Up on Facebook & More!

If you aren’t already set up on Facebook with a business page, we will do that for you. We will create a professionally designed profile image and great cover photo so that your brand is consistent and stands out across all your social media platforms. We will add images and videos, optimise your “About” section and utilise keywords that describe your business so people can find you. We check out what your competition is doing so that you are always on top of the game.

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We Create a Social Media Calendar & Content Plan!

So what do you post that will entertain and keep your followers coming back? We come up with a personalised social media marketing plan that relates to your business so that it isn’t so daunting. We look at upcoming events and holidays, unique ways to portray your services and products, polls and competitions that will engage and entertain and more. We give your followers value and information with quality posts so that they will want to share and engage with you.

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We Make Your Posts Engaging with Images!

KDEE DESIGNS aim is to make you stand out so we create engaging videos and images for your posts. Facebook gives priority to posts with video content as they want to grab the users attention for as long as possible. We create and design custom made videos from static images so you won’t miss out. We alternate your posts with stand out images and videos to create interest and boost your engagement on your social media pages. Our aim is to get you likes and shares.